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What is HT NEST?

What is HT NEST?

HT NEST is a modern building that offers living in the worldwide popular concept of coliving. On the 7 storeys, there are 55 flats with bathrooms - out of which 51 are studio flats with an open plan kitchen and 4 are one bedroom flats. We designed the building from scratch striving to tailor it to the needs of students and young professionals who study and live in Warsaw.

What is HT NEST?

Human Touch NEST is an attempt to create a community of young people, to create a unique NEST collective where everyone lives their own lives the way they like it and at the same time contribute to the NEST pot with their individual energy during the evenings spent in the club on the basement, while chilling in Nest Chillout Room or... doing the washing in special designed loundry.

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HT NEST is an urban All-In One concept: which is a space for working, studying, living, creating, combining and also having fun. For living. You decide what space you want to use at a given moment.

A crucial component of the HT NEST concept is to provide security for our tenants. The assistance in practical issues and a constant care provided by the community manager will be especially appriciated by those who are not Polish citizens.

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